Hi! I’m Tiffany, and I’m a twenty-something beauty addict currently based in the Silicon Valley. My “day job” is a staff accountant at a CPA firm. I have a BA in Economics from UC Davis and MS in Accountancy from San Jose State University. Currently, I’m on track to getting my CPA license.

I’ve always been drawn to creative aspirations. Manga. Writing. Graphic design. Web design. Computer Animation. I wanted to do them all. But when college came, I stopped drawing and, bogged down by the pressure to find a “real” career, gradually became unmotivated to pursue my lifelong passions.

Thankfully, after undergrad, I discovered the wonderful community of Youtube beauty videos. When I should’ve have been studying for my CPA exams, I binge-watched all the tutorials and reviews and vlogs. I got an Instagram. My makeup collection practically grew overnight. More importantly, I became inspired again to be creative.

So this blog, essentially, is my creative outlet. I can play with makeup and fashion, and I have someplace to document my “accomplishments”. Hopefully, my blog motivates others, too, to experiment with their makeup.

I tend to favor clean, natural-looking makeup (because I work in an office), but I love dabbling in more fun, dramatic, Instagram-worthy looks, too.

In my spare time, I like reading, binge-watching Madam Secretary, and being a total nerd on Tumblr. I’m quite introverted (read: shy), so many of my interests reflect that.

‘The world is my oyster’ shot at Universal Studios

Beauty Profile

skin tone light, warm-toned (around NC 15-20)
skin type oily, combination, acne-prone
skin concerns hyperpigmentation, redness, acne scarring (ice-pick), dark circles
hair damaged, (ultra-)bleached, fine (naturally dark brown and thick)
eyeshape monolid, uneven lids, hooded lids

Why the Name ‘Starless’

Back when amateur, Japanese cartoon-inspired web graphic designs sites were a thing (7 or 8 years ago), I fell into that “scene”. My first and only graphics website was called Starless Designs, and ever since, I’ve always imagined my personal “brand” to have the word starless in it. Other than for the pure aesthetic, there’s no rhyme or reason why I chose that particular word; it just kind of stuck with me through the years.

On social media, I go by the username thefakempire, after the song by The National (one of my favorite bands).

December 30, 2016