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Makeup Revolution Slogan Palette

I want venture out into the world of affordable/drugstore eyeshadows, and what better way to start than with Makeup Revolution’s new Slogan palettes? I ordered two of them, #Slay and No Photos Please, to test out for two weeks. I’ve never been drawn to Makeup Revolution’s eyeshadow palettes, because the color selection is either bizarre or a Naked dupe. But while browsing on ULTA, the colors of these eyeshadows suckered me into doing a haul. Let’s see if the quality holds up to MUR great color choices!


The Makeup Revolution Slogan Palettes retail for $8 USD, and each palette has 0.31 oz of product. The pans look small, so I looked at the other palettes by Makeup Revolution. Indeed, the Slogan seems to contain the least amount of product. The Iconic palettes have 0.376 oz, and they are $1 cheaper. Still, they are more affordable than Tarte or Too Faced.

The palette is a black plastic case with a mirror. You get a double-ended sponge tip applicator inside. The shade names are listed in a plastic sleeve that 90% of people are bound to lose, and the pans are super skinny and super close to each other. Some people will find the size of skinny pans annoying.

Makeup Revolution Slogan Palette

Makeup Revolution Slogan Palette

The design on the front is that holographic pattern where the it changes depending on the light. It’s a nice touch. Overall, these palettes feel sturdy.


Each palette comes with a mini primer, which doesn’t really do anything but make my lids look shiny. The primer has shimmer. I didn’t see it prolonging the shadows or making them apply more smoothly.

Makeup Revolution Slogan Palette

Where to buy: #Slay, No Photos Please, #Selfie


Unfortunately, I don’t like these palettes for everyday wear. They don’t last on my eyes even with a primer. But as a makeup lover, I can see how these palettes would be good if you wanted a collection of affordable, colorful shadows for special occasions. You can create some great looks with these palettes.

I was so surprised at how small these palettes were when they arrived. The pans are skinny and are situated so close together. I don’t really have a problem with it, because I use small brushes. But if you have bigger lid space and use bigger brushes, the size of the pans will frustrate you.


Not going to lie, the name of this palette makes me cringe. Forgive me, I haven’t completely accepted the lingo of the YT beauty community. It works for the palette though. The color selection is a warm shadow lover’s dream, and these are trendy colors right now.

Makeup Revolution Slogan Palette #slay Swatches

As you can see, the pigmentation of the shadows when swatched on the arm is great. I didn’t have any problems building the color up to full opacity. Your 6 mattes and 3 shimmers, and one satin. The color on the far left, #slay, is not fully a shimmer; it has a sheen but not as intense as the other shimmers. This is my least favorite shade of the bunch. It barely has any pigmentation, even when I try to build it up.

In terms of pigmentation, the shimmers, Great, Impress, and Hit, outperform the mattes. That’s to be expected 90% of the time. Impress (a warm gold) is the most pigmented and impressive (!) shade of the palette. One swipe, and you get full pigmentation. The other two are good as well.

The mattes are okay for the price. Destroy (a light beige) does not really show up on my light skin tone, but I can use it to set my primer. The other 5 mattes are the same in terms of quality and pigmentation. The darker shades like Killed It and Perfect are better than the lighter shades.

In a pinch, you can create some good looks with these shadows, but don’t expect the blendability or lasting power of a Too Faced or Kat Von D palette. After a full work day, the mattes wear off and the shimmers crease horribly on my lid. I’ve tried the primer the palettes comes with, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and Milani Eye Shadow primer. None of them seems to make the shadows last longer.

The blendability of the matte shades is also average. They don’t seem to blend well without me essentially wiping the shadow off my lid. I have to build the color up slowly to get to full pigmentation. If you have medium or dark skin, you might find this factor especially frustrating.

No Photos Please

The other palette I got, No Photos Please, is all shimmers. So if you have hooded or monolids or just can’t pull off an all-shimmery look, you will need another palette with mattes to make this one work.

Makeup Revolution Slogan Palette No Photos Please Swatches

I like this palette better than #slay. One because the color scheme is more unique. You don’t really find these jewel tones at the drugstore, and especially not ones as vibrant and beautiful as these. I was so stoked about the purples. Not Now and My Moment are what I wish the purples in the Too Faced Chocolate bar would be.

Lights and Adoration have a different feel to them than the other shimmers. The formula seems creamier and more chunky. The shadows kind of crumble and bunch up when I swatch them. I don’t think it has any effect on the pigmentation, but if you pick up too much on your brush, the shadow can crumble onto your cheeks.

The rest of the shimmers are great and are pigmented. If you’re looking for jewel tones or cool shimmers, this palette is a good affordable option. Again, like the #Slay palette, the shadows do not last on the eyes very well. The shimmer formula seems to fade even faster than the mattes. If you have oily lids, you might want to stay away from these palettes.

Buy or No Buy?

I’d say pass on the #Slay palette, but if the colors in the No Photos Please are speaking to you, go for it. If you are looking for a good neutrals palette for everyday wear, save your money for a higher end palette. Or try Covergirl or Elf, since I hear great things about their palettes. In terms of usefulness and versatility, these palettes just don’t compete with the ones out on the market right now.

I recommend the No Photos Please, because the colors are unique and beautiful. If you are looking to experiment with “unconventional” colors, going with this palette is an affordable way to do it.

Final Thoughts


The pigmentation of the Slogan palettes is good, especially for the price, and the curation of colors is even better. But the lasting power is abysmal. I don’t recommend picking them up if you want a staple palette for everyday wear. There are plenty of better options at the drugstore. However, if you’re looking to play around with color, the jewel tones of the No Photos Please are beautiful. I personally can overlook the lasting power issue because of how vibrant and pigmented the shades are. If you like playing around with makeup and creating looks to pass the time, the palette is good for those cool shimmer colors.

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