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I haven’t tried the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops, but I’m fascinated with the idea. I struggle with redness and hyperpigmentation from acne. In the mornings, I don’t want to spend a ton of time trying to cover my skin issues, so I use medium-to-full coverage foundations on most days. Shelling out $40 for a foundation mixer seemed excessive. Thus, I hopped on the train when NYX launched their Total Control Drop Foundation.


The NYX Total Control Drop Foundation retails for $14 USD and comes in a frosted glass bottle holding 0.43 fl. oz. For a drugstore brand, that is up there in price. You don’t even get the standard 1 fl. oz. of product.

The product has a dropper-style applicator. It’s not an actual dropper, so you have to dot the foundation on your face or shake the wand for application. The frosted, matte glass is a nice touch. It reminds me of Perricone MD’s packaging.

NYX Total Cover Packaging

Out of curiosity, I also purchased the Total Control Drop Foundation Brush, which retails for $14 USD. I don’t use brushes to apply my foundation that often, but maybe this brush could be a game-changer for me.

…Nope. Like a lot of other foundation brushes, it’s streaky and messy. Though the shape has a nice groove, which helps with the contours of your face like the nose and cheekbone, the bristles are too far apart and soft to apply the foundation evenly.

On Instagram, I see people dropping the foundation onto the brush to apply it. But when I try this, the product just disappears into the brush. Save your money, or go with a denser buffing brush from Elf or Real Techniques.

NYX Total Cover Brush

Where to buy: NYX, ULTA

Note: NYX’s website carries all 24 shades. As of 1/21/17, ULTA only carries 16 shades on their website.


I bought this on the NYX website in the shade Vanilla, and it’s too light for me (~ NC 20). For the past week, I’ve been walking around the office looking a little ghostly. It’s my fault for picking the wrong shade. Still, it’s great that NYX is able to offer really light and (from what I can tell online on NYX’s website) really dark shades.

Here are some swatches of Vanilla next to the shades I wear of my drugstore favorites.

NYX Total Control


So Much Texture

I’m going to start out and say I dislike this foundation so, so very much. If you’ve tried it and liked it, please let me know your skin type and how you’ve made it work. Because I can’t think of a single skin type who would like this product.

The most obvious flaw of this foundation is that it clings to texture like crazy. I don’t have dry skin, but I have very visible pores, ice-pick acne scars, random bumps on my face, and (get ready for it) a lot of micro facial hair.  This foundation emphasizes every one of them and other textures I didn’t know I had on my skin. Every time I apply it, I can’t get it to look even. I’ve tried it with NYX’s own Pore Filler Primer, the Angel Veil Primer, and my usual Paula’s Choice oil-control primer. This foundation looks horrible on top of all of them.

If you have dry skin or any sort of texture on your skin, you might find this product difficult to work with.

Wear Time

NYX claims that this product is a matte, velvety finish. It’s true that this product is matte. But if you have oily skin, don’t expect any sort of oil control. The consistency is very watery. It starts breaking down around 4-5 hours and not elegantly either. Because it emphasizes texture so much, the product starts caking and turns into a oily mess.

It’s hard to capture on camera, but below are pictures of me with faux time stamps. I did one touch-up, and as you can see, I was still a little worse for wear. It caked around my nose, cheeks, the tops of my face, and forehead. I increased the sharpness so you can see the textural issues I have. My face looked quite shiny when I left work.

If you wear glasses like me, the foundation will almost instantly fade away on the nose bridge.

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Demo

Should I expect a foundation to last all day when I have oily skin? No, especially since NYX doesn’t claim that this is a long-wearing foundation. And my skin is the type where foundations just break down horribly on it. However, there are foundations out there that have faded well throughout the day and apply smoothly on the skin, despite my many skin issues.

Full Coverage? …Not

The most important claim by NYX is that this is full coverage after four drops. Wrong. This product is not full coverage. I use considerably way more than four drops for just one side of my face, and it’s nowhere near full coverage. You can see a lot of my hyperpigmentation underneath. You could keep adding drops, but the product becomes cakey very fast. At best, you would get a medium coverage.

I’ve used this foundation in conjunction with the Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation, and for some reason, it performs better as a mixer. It helped to lighten the shade and prolong the wear time of my cushion foundation. Because the cushion product is already a high medium coverage, I couldn’t tell if the NYX drops increased coverage. Still, it’s annoying that I have to use this product in conjunction with something else to make it work.

NYX is one of my favorite drugstore brands, but this product was a bust for me. I think they could’ve formulated the foundation to be less watery and add in some kind of emollient ingredient for it to apply more smoothly onto the skin.

Final Thoughts


This foundation exaggerates texture and doesn’t last well throughout the day, rendering it unusable for dry and oily skin types. It delivers a high medium coverage at best, but you have to use a lot more than the recommended amount. The only upside I can think of is that since there’s such a big shade range, it could be good for mixing if you have trouble finding foundations shades at the drugstore. I will continue playing around with it, but for now, I say pass on this product. There are plenty of better, more affordable drugstore foundations out there. This just doesn’t compete.

January 22, 2017
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