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Milani Bella Bellini

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso is the most hyped about blush at the drugstore, if not of all time. It gives a subtle, beautiful glow to the cheeks, and without me knowing it, it became my go-to blush last year. Unfortunately, sometimes, I think it runs too orange on my fair skintone. I prefer warm pink blushes, so when I saw that Milani came out with a new shade in their Baked Blush line, I was excited thinking that Bella Bellini might be the pink version of Luminoso. I could not be more wrong.


The Milani Baked Blush in Bella Bellini retails for $8 USD.

Milani’s packaging is absolutely gorgeous, and their baked blushes come in a gold compact that looks more high-end than it is. It is a little bulky, because the blush is dome-shaped from the baking process. You get a mirror and brush inside.

Milani Baked Blusn

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Milani Bella Bellini Swatches

As you can see, the blush is very pink and shimmery. I was expecting that Luminoso subtle sheen, but Bella Bellini is a metallic, in-your-face golden glow. It’s not chunky or glittery. You could wear this blush and not need any blush topper or highlighter to make the cheeks glow. On their website, Milani describes it as rose gold, and they are not playing around.

The blush is also ultra-pigmented and powdery. I have to be extra careful to swipe lightly and/or tap the excess off, so I don’t look too crazy. But because it’s so powdery and I have to use so little, the color doesn’t last on me throughout the day. I’ve been wearing this blush exclusively for a week, and by the end of my work day, my blush has disappeared from my cheeks. Personally, it’s not my favorite. Though darker complexions might appreciate how pigmented the formula is.

Milani Bella Bellini

It’s a little frustrating that the Baked Blush line has differing formulas across the board, but I guess different formulas will cater to differing personal tastes. Bella Bellini just isn’t a formula I would reach for. At least, not in an office setting. If I wanted a dramatic look, it would look great.

In essence, the Bella Bellini formula is not the Luminoso formula. My personal plea to Milani is for them to produce the same formula as Luminoso in different colors. Give some love for cooler or darker skin tones who might not be able to pull off Luminoso.

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