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Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette

For a while, I wavered between being content with my coral MUG eyeshadows and purchasing this palette. In the end, the pretty packaging and promotional images sucked me into buying. Peach has become one of my favorite makeup colors to wear, and since Kylie Jenner is releasing a peach palette, it’s officially trending. (Pantone should’ve really reconsidered on Greenery as the color of the year for 2017.) Let’s see if Too Faced blew it out of the water with the Sweet Peach, or if there’s room for other brands to capitalize on the trend.


The Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette is $49 USD and has 0.95g of product.  You get a whopping 18 shades unique to the palette. The packaging is similar to Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar series eyeshadow palettes. It is a coral-ly tin box with a magnetic closure and a horizonal mirror inside. I haven’t had any problems with the TF Chocolate bar packaging in the past, so I don’t expect to have any problems with this palette.

The overall design is bright and cute. Personally, I love the colors of the packaging, but the embossed peach pattern on the front gives it a “juvenile” appearance, like kid’s makeup.

Packaging Sweet Peach Palette

Where to buy: Too FacedSephoraUlta


Some people have criticized that for a palette named Sweet Peach, there aren’t a lot of peach shades. I have to disagree. If you deconstructed the colors of a peach fruit, you would get this palette. There are warm whites and corals for the fruit itself. A green, black, and various purples are for the stem and shadows. And as always, Too Faced throws in some neutral browns, so the palette is wearable. In my opinion, the color selection is well-thought out.

Below are arm swatches with the Milani eyeshadow primer underneath. I went top to bottom, then left to right.

Swatches of Sweet Peach Palette

I’ve been playing with this palette on and off again over the past three weeks, and I have to admit that I do enjoy the palette. Bright warm colors are my jam, so this palette fits with my personal makeup taste. But you can see it isn’t very versatile, compared to other neutrals palettes on the market. I can’t do a cool or muted neutral look, only a very warm one.

Swatches of Sweet Peach Palette

The color payoff is what you would expect out of Too Faced. It has a good mix of finishes: 12 shimmers and 6 mattes. The more neutral matte brown colors, like PureeSummer Yum, and Charmed, I’m Sure are fantastic. The neutral shimmers, especially my favorite Luscious (a champagne), are equally as good. Peaches ‘n Cream is essentially my skin color, so it doesn’t swatch well. It makes a good base shade for me.

The duds are the purples (surprise, surprise) and the shimmery white highlight shade. The three dark purple shades, while pigmented, barely register as purples on the swatches and lid. They look muted and grey, as in not as vibrant as they look in the pan. White Peach is barely pigmented. I had to swipe six or eight times to get the color to show up on my skin. Perhaps it would register better on a darker skin tone.

Swatches of Sweet Peach Palette

The peachy shades, like Just PeachyCandied Peach, and Bellini are good, but not as pigmented as the neutral browns. If you build them up, they can be nice on the eyes. I’m not a fan of the random, chunky glitter specks in Candied Peach. I counted it as a matte, because for the most part, it is. The glitter isn’t really noticeable on the eyes. Too Faced should decide and either make it a total shimmer or total matte.

Finally, let’s talk about the smell. The smell is super sweet and artificially fruity. Being a huge fan of “real” peaches, I personally don’t like it. It’s not as strong as the lip gloss line, but if you are sensitive to things like that, smell it at a Sephora or Ulta before you commit to buying.

Overall, it’s a good palette. Is it good enough to make the hype worth it? Jury’s still out. For me, four of the shades are total duds. If you already have a warm neutrals palette, you can definitely make do with buying some peach/coral eye shadow singles from MakeupGeek, Karity, or Coastal Scents, and call it a day. On the other hand, I personally really like the palette and will be reaching for it often. Whether or not it’s worth it, this is a palette, more than any other of its competitors, that comes down to personal preference.

I would like to see Too Faced being more consistent in their future palette launches and really work on their formulas for more colorful shades. They do neutral browns and shimmery champagnes well, but so do a lot of other brands. Because this Sweet Peach palette is permanent, you can wait to snag a 25% off coupon + free shipping to get it.

Final Thoughts


I hesitate to bump this palette to a 4, because, while I see myself reaching for this palette frequently, there are too many shade misses for me to justify the high price tag. If you want a versatile, everyday neutral palette for school or work, this palette is not it. Instead, it’s a nice accessory palette if you already have a staple neutral palette like the Chocolate Bar.

Recommended for: Those who like warm and bright oranges/corals, Too Faced palette collector

Not recommended for: Those who prefer cool tones (don’t count on the purple shades to save you), those who prefer versatility in a palette

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